This is the year I will visit over 10 National Parks and write a song for each one. The full length album, National Parks Centennial Songs will be recorded in October with a release date set for January 1, 2017.

Please visit my blog to read stories and see pictures like below, of all the parks, and how the songs are coming along. It is an honor to write these songs, and share them with the world.

Here’s a few preview pictures, and a song:

Arriving at the Grand Canyon



Sunset show at Yavapai Point



Volcano entrance

On top of Virginia

Looking out across the Blue Ridge Mountains in Shenandoah National Park!

Here is a very special message to me about our visit to Shenandoah, from Jack Price, a volunteer who works in the visitor center

Gigi, I am the volunteer you spoke to when you visited Shenandoah NP this summer. I saw the post about your 2016 NP tour and listened to your new song “Shenandoah Blues.” I just love the song. You did a great job capturing the spirit of the park and I especially like the reference to those who lived on the land before it became a park. I would love to see you have Shenandoah on your 2016 tour. Take care and have a happy holiday season.


Hello Wonderfulls!

Thank you for checking out my post about the upcoming National Parks Centennial Songs 2016 Tour and songwriting journey. I will be asking each park to give me a song, and when I say asking, I mean talking to the earth, critters, trees, rocks, rivers, mountains and the deep spirit of each park. We are going to Yellowstone, Yosemite, Teton, Glacier, Olympic, Grand Canyon, Redwoods, Zion, Arches and Canyonlands, plus some surprises; while camping, playing shows and lingering for several days at each destination. I will keep ya’ll in the loop as the magic happens, and believe me-IT HAPPENS.

So far 3 magnificent parks have already given me songs. Yosemite Gold, Shenandoah Blues & Blueberry Kisses in Acadia; all are bursting with love, straight from the heart of California, Virginia and Maine.

Our parks have been inspiring me for years as I’ve traveled along the criss-cross quilt of America;  singing songs, living my life on the road, sleeping in campgrounds, listening to the stories that weaved the fabric of this nation, and most importantly, communing with the folks who are caretakers of these special places. They know all the good stuff!

My heart goes out to the earth and all of humanity at this serious time in our evolution-the issue of climate change and our addiction not only to oil, but consumption of all natural resources has brought us and the planet to a critical point of evaluation. Our National Parks are preserved monuments to the beauty, healing power, wildness and perfection of the earth and her cycles of life when in balance. We have this time right now to see “what’s at stake” and what we could lose if we continue in our old habit patterns of living. The National Parks songs project is my way of addressing the overwhelming sense of doom about climate change, by focusing on the beauty.

I’m posting the song Shenandoah Blues, for a teaser-then the next 2 will come later. After that, you’ll have to wait for the album to come out to listen to the rest of the songs. This is going be a special endeavor for me, artistically and musically. I finally get to hone my craft into something that REALLY MATTERS TO ME!

This is the first album where I feel I’m writing songs that symbolize a higher purpose and gift far beyond my personal stories. The songs are a gift for the future generations, for the parks, for the kids that don’t live near wilderness but need it so desperately, and for the earth, that needs those kids to love her like I love her.

Let’s get to know Mother Earth again and again by visiting the parks, singing her songs, and protecting the environment where these special places exist. Enjoy the preview and be sure to sign up for the blog on my website contact button.

With Gratitude,



View the amphitheaters filled with colorful, eroded rock forms in this beautiful National Park. It’s a place where you can spend hours staring at the overlooks. An easy scenic drive to great lookouts and a number of hiking trails fill the park. Ride horseback in summer and cross country ski in winter.

This tour was perfect for someone who has never seen this portion of the U.S. It was a great introduction to some of the best national parks. I would gladly return to some of the parks for an extended stay!

Hey that is so cool that you enjoyed this section of the tour and my blog. I’ll be traveling to several parks in the Northwest in July and writing the songs for each park. Stay on the journey, adventure and love! Gigi

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