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National Parks Service/ Amtrak – Trails & Rails Troubadour 2017

Gigi Love playing on TrainGigi Love is the first Trails & Rails Troubadour for the joint program between the National Park Service and Amtrak, where she performs her songs on long distance Amtrak trains and in national parks across the country.

From 2015 – 2017 Love visited about two dozen national parks where she gathered notes, learned the history, absorbed the surroundings, and wrote songs for many of the parks. Several of the songs are included on Love’s full-length album National Parks Centennial Songs. This album and many songs have charted in the top 100 from the Folk DJ stations as reported by Acoustic Outpost during 2016- 2017. As the NPS Trails & Rails Troubadour Gigi is on 4 trips in the summer/fall of 2017, visiting and performing in several of the parks and on multiple Amtrak trains.

Love (yes, that’s her real name) writes bluesy, honest, storytelling songs that depict her travels, vision quests and dreams; songs that enrapture her audiences and take them on musical journeys.  Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Gigi began playing the guitar and singing at age seven and at twelve she was performing at major venues around the state such as Johnny High’s Country Music Review in Ft. Worth, the Grapevine Opry and the Stephenville Opry House.

If the name Gigi Love sounds familiar, perhaps it’s because you were among the thousands listening to her opening for the Dave Matthews Band at the Columbia River Gorge or playing for the Salt Lake Winter Olympic Closing Ceremonies. After the Olympics, Love was picked up by Freedom Zone, the promotion agency representing Mountain Dew. She toured west of the Mississippi and Texas, gaining recognition and radio play with college and community stations across the country.

Gigi made her NERFA debut at the Suzi Wollenberg Folk DJ Showcase in 2016.  Love has toured with Kate McLeod and Duncan Phillips, son of Utah Phillips, in a Utah Phillips tribute band called Bums on the Plush. Her rendition of Utah’s song “Going Away” can be heard on Pandora Radio. The Waterbug Label release, Long Gone received significant airplay on folk programs in July of 2011.Love has opened for Christine Lavin, John Gorka, Tim Reynolds, Dave Matthews, Howard Jones, Lyle Lovett, and Richard Thompson. She has performed at many festivals including the Kate Wolf Festival, Nedfest, Moab Folk Festival, Arise Music Festival, Desert Rocks and the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics Closing Ceremonies for 52,0000 people.

You can get more information about Gigi and her connection to the parks and Amtrak from her website at  Her message and enthusiasm are for the care and preservation of the parks, the environment, and clean air and water for all.


Love’s hook is her voice, an impossibly mellifluous warble that fairly melts one’s insides”
Salt Lake City Weekly

Distinctive lead vocals, toe-tapping rhythm and solid songwriting on this acoustic Americana flavored material.”

“Love weaves a throaty honky-tonk blues and folk sensibility from her native Texas into melodies as strong and clear as the early spring desert sunshine of her adopted Utah
Redding Searchlight

Bittersweet alt-country goes down smooth as warm buttered rum, or better yet, buttered rum Lifesavers
Slug Magazine

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