National Parks Songwriting Project and Bio-2017

slide1Gigi Love’s National Parks Centennial Songs project is all about her passion for our National Parks and capturing the story of our parks through the power of song. Yosemite Gold was the first song that she wrote about a National Park. “I was performing in Yosemite and a rock climber offered to sell me his mandolin for $25 because he needed gas money. I bought it and immediately walked into El Cap meadow and wrote the song. Something sparked in me that day and I had the vision for this project. That was 10 years ago.” 2016 is the 100th Anniversary of the Parks and this album will celebrate that milestone.

Performing, communing with nature, learning about the parks’ history and meeting the community within the parks will create the soundscape for the songs; exquisitely crafted and recorded to express the uniqueness of each park.

To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service, says Love; “The songs are dedicated to the future generations, for the founders of our parks, for the kids that don’t live near wilderness but need it so desperately, and for the earth.  Let’s get to know Mother Earth again and again by visiting the parks, singing her songs, and protecting the environment where these special places exist.”

The full length CD National Parks Centennial Songs is set to be released Dec. 2016.

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FullSizeRenderIf Gigi’s name sounds familiar, perhaps it’s because you were among the thousands listening to her open for the Dave Matthews Band at the Columbia River Gorge or playing for the Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympic Closing Ceremonies.

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Gigi began playing the guitar and singing at age 7. At 12 years old she was performing at major venues around the state such as Johnny High’s Country Music Review in Ft. Worth, Grapevine Opry and the Stephenville Opry House. She currently has 4 original albums on the Vast Horizons Music label and a special performance on the album Utah Remembers Bruce “Utah” Phillips, of Utah’s song Going Away, on the Waterbug label.


  • Utah Remembers Bruce “Utah” Phillips-Tribute to Utah Phillips, Waterbug Label, featured song “Going Away”
  • Sweet Relief 2012, Cosmic Tales of the West 2008, Turning to Gold 2004, Coyote Bones 2001