I’ve been going to Sundance for over 10 years, but this year was the best! I asked myself, what made it better than the other years and the number 1 thing was that I really got involved in a movie that I had no idea would mean so much to me. This movie is called, ” How To Let Go Of The World And Love All The Things That Climate Can’t Change.” It really blew my heart open and refueled my passion for humanity, storytelling and taking care of this amazing planet Earth.

I met Amy Goodman, Tim DeChristopher and the producer of the film, Josh Fox. I traveled to Moab to be a part of the Let Go and Love tour and donated $100 to the kickstarter campaign. During Sundance I talked about this film and helped spread the word at my performances. Life is so magical when you have passion for something, and all of this fits right into my National Parks tour this summer.

Here are some pictures from the week.

This was the Let Go and Love tour in Moab! #letgoandlove


Star Hall with the Moab Peeps and Josh Fox






And some more Park City pics with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!

Amy Goodman on Park City TV








Me on Park City TV

Playing Ukelele on Park City TV










Gigi and Josh Fox, what a sweety.

Josh Fox and my ukelele










Performing at The Spur Access Film Showcase with Cupo, a wonderful Chitarrista from Italy.

Cupo in the house








Fun times with Randy Barton on KPCW Park City Radio.

KPCW with Randy Barton


Celebrating independence, creativity and risk-taking, the Sundance Film Festival plays a vital role in identifying emerging international talent and connecting them with audiences and industry in the United States.

“When I see a new film that rocks my world– something groundbreaking, something extraordinary from a filmmaker that I had never heard of before, it makes me sit up and remember… yes, yes, yes, this is why I do this.”

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