“These mountains, they hold no words you see. They stand like great conductors in a Glacier Symphony! Going to the Sun, is the only road for me. I’m chasing down the beauty from east to west and peak to peak.” That’s the beginning of the new song for Glacier. I’m so in awe at the profound depth and majesty of Glacier National Park.Glacier Entermany glacierHere I am at Many Glacier. The Many Glacier Lodge was a pristine testament of the care and design that went into these lodges in the past. lodge








Here is another picture inside Lake McDonald Lodge.


The 3 days spent there were full of learning, loving, and connecting with the land and people who live there, like our friends Hannah and Charlie May, and my friend Erin at Rising Sun.

Belton Bridge

We went on a river trip on the Flathead Middle Fork with Hannah, then took this pic on the Belton Bridge. Horseback riding, writing, hiking and exploring the park took up all of our time.



red cars









The feeling for this song came after the horseback ride, after I had a chance to really take in the rain, sun, flowers and views in Many Glacier. I sat on the side of the mountain and started thinking about what it means, that these Glaciers, that were formed 12,000 years ago, will be leaving us by 2030. What does this mean to us all, and for the planet? Jessie had a great time and she was game for all of our shenanigans!mimi rock








The valley views seemed unreal, until you got a little closer and checked out the water and the awesome swimming holes that some kids were jumping in that day. I had a little cold, so I just dipped my toes in the lake.swimming hole

There was a sadness about the melting of the glaciers, yet I realized that all of this beauty was made by the glaciers and it will remain. Our greatest gift to the future generations is to do all we can to protect the earth from further global warming and move ahead with a vision of conservation and preservation for all that we love; this mother earth, and our children will thank us one day.








We saw the flags flying at half-mast and did’t know why. Then we got online in the parking lot of one of the visitors centers and learned about the trouble and strife in Dallas. It was so ironic that we were on the edge of a huge International Peace Park with Canada, while at the same time our nation was in the pains of racial uprising, and painful realizations about our deep problems with race, hate and violence.

eagle featherI sent out a prayer with my special eagle feather that I found Down East last summer. The wind was blowing like crazy and I thought the feather was going to fly out of my hand. I prayed for our nation to heal from all the hate. Since the founding of this land we have been a nation where many people come to seek freedom and sanctuary. If we could all just feel the vastness of our lives in a place like Glacier, maybe we could see that there is room for us all, to live in peace on this earth.



  Jul 13, 2016

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